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Face-to-face, phone, text and now the endless digital world! Each new channel of interaction is born a new opportunity for relationship. Your customer is evolving, use this to your advantage with the omnichannel Omni Plusoft CRM!

See how

Sell, attend, promote and monitor interactions in social networks. All this in omni Plusoft.

Have unified interaction history in the relationship timeline.

Maintain continuous and assertive conversations appropriate to the profile and channel.

How much would it help ...

Saber que o cliente que está no telefone, ainda ontem disse na timeline do Facebook que ama seu produto,
para logo em seguida perguntar sobre os preços no chat da empresa?


Designed for large-scale service, in different channels of interaction, with single vision and 360 degrees. It can be used for customers as well as for employees and commercial representatives.


Designed for companies that use a variety of sales channels, such as telephone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, social networks, among others, but need centralized and organized information in intuitive histories.


Large-scale relationship, enhanced sales funnel, automation of interaction flows, and creation of temporal and conditional triggers to sell, collect, promote, or otherwise serve your audience.


Where the data in your CRM saw managerial intelligence. Find the numbers you need intuitively, identify trends, and ensure your data security with action-specific access levels.

We bring all the information you need so that your
customer's experience is never interrupted.

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